March 2, 2017
By JoshJ22 SILVER, Alvord, Texas
JoshJ22 SILVER, Alvord, Texas
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The poem “freedom” by Duncan H. talks about  if we lived in a world where everyone had freedom. Like how gas is only a dollar and everyone in the world had a job. Where there's an act of simpler times. The poem asks “Does freedom ring” which means is there freedom everywhere. At the beginning of the poem it says the empty theater is showing, but at the end it says the curtain closes and that it is time for the real act to begin.
What i really liked about this poem was that it says”when gas cost a dollar and everyone had a job.” at the beginning of the poem the question” Does freedom ring” told me exactly what the poem was going to be like. What I didn't expect was that it said”the empty theater showing” or ”the curtain closes, time for the real act to begin.” When I saw the title”Freedom” I knew i would like this poem.

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