March 2, 2017
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"Uncertainty" by Erica perfectly captures the thoughts a person with social anxiety has running through their head.


Social anxiety disorder is not supposed to be a romanticized mental illness. It is something that severely impacts many people's lives. Social anxiety is not just being shy or blushing slightly during a presentation. Social anxiety is the pit of dread in your stomach when you have to speak in front of others, the horrified look in your eyes, the uncontrollable shaking of your fingertips, the overwhelming crimson in your face.


Erica writes, "Social anxiety interfered with my life. I was afraid to walk down the hallways at school. How am I walking? Too slow? Too fast? Where should I put my hands? Do they look awkward by my sides?" I could relate to this and everything else in the article like being scared to eat in front of others, the fear of embarrassing myself, sometimes being terrified of having to speak to other people, etc. 


Many younger people have this disorder, which means many of them go to school. School can become hell for someone with the mental illness, since mingling with others and talking are important factors of it. This is why it is important to educate others about disorders such as this one, like Erica mentioned.


Social anxiety does not make you weak. You just have to work a bit harder than everyone else without it. This piece helped me realize this, and empowered me to stop running away from my anxiety and instead face it. 

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