Feedback: "Today's Loser"

February 17, 2017
By _aaliyahmarie_1235 BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
_aaliyahmarie_1235 BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
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In the article “Today’s loser” by Camryn B., what stood out me the most was how true everything she was talking about was, how everyone only cares about the filters followers and how trendy they need to be to get noticed. While they should be worrying about their future and where they are going in life. The quote that really caught my eye was “I plan to gain the skills to become tomorrow’s  winner and a lack or followers, filters and hashtags won't stop me from reaching my dreams”. The quote really stood out to me because it's completely true people nowadays only care about how they are presented to be on social media instead of actually taking thought into their life and what they want to be in life because let's be real being “internet famous” isn't a forever thing. These kids and teens won't have a fall back plan for when they are done with school because they were too wrapped up in social media and not reality. This article 100% connects to my life because the teens in my school including myself are always on social media trying to be the person everyone wants them to be and not being the person they want to be. They also want to be the person everyone talks about because of how pretty they are or how many likes they get. The article really made me open my eyes because I was this person now I’m thinking about my life and what I wanna do with it.

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