Feedback: "The Walls Around Me"

February 17, 2017
By Anonymous

The article “The Walls Around Me”  by “Allie,” a girl named “Allie” told her father she was gay (Lesbian). “Dad I think I’m gay,” Allie said to her father. I think he was disappointed in her, but if she strongly feels that she is gay he needs to accept that. To be honest I think it is very hard for a girl or even anyone telling or “coming out” to their parents they don't like the opposite gender or even if they like both boys and girls like (girl, guy) instead it’s (girl, girl) or (guy, guy) or even (girl, guy, girl) maybe (guy, girl, guy). I was never gay a day in my life, but one time I was with my friend when she told her mom and brother she liked the opposite gender. The mom was disappointed, but her brother was ok with it.  They talk now, but it can really be bad for families.  My thoughts on Allie’s situation is that her father shouldn't judge her style of character and not to be disappointed in her because what if you were gay you wouldn't want your dad to be disappointed in you. Always put yourself in others shoes.  How would you feel if you couldn’t love who you wanted to love?

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