Feedback: "Run Free, Klammer"

February 17, 2017
By Anonymous

In the sad depression story, “Run Free Klammer” by Eric M., the boy kept going to his dog bed and stuff and thinking he is still there.  It’s also sad when the dog had a drying foot print in the corner and how he used to play with him and stuff then when reality started hitting him he lost his dog and he is not there anymore. “We were together for a lifetime which I see he had him all his life and they grew up together now he gone and he sometimes doesn't realize he actually gone.”  I like it because it shows even though it’s not a human, it’s a pet you treat it like a human and it hurts because they're not there anymore.  It’s like you lost a family member and you can't believe they are actually gone. I have a connection and it’s hard. When I don't see her, my dog, a chihuahua for more than a day and when I come back, she gets so happy.  Exactly when I leave for New Jersey, just me and my mom, and when we come back, we always give her a group hug and it looks like she’s crying.  She’s messed up when we’re gone so long.  She’s tearing up; she’s making noises and jumping around running all over the place.  This story shows me to appreciate who you have because when they’re gone, they’re really gone.

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