Feedback: "Today's Loser"

February 17, 2017

In “Today’s Loser,” i agree with Camryn B. when she writes about how social media influence many kids, and that she doesn’t care about what others think about her social media.  She thinks it’s stupid that a lot of people spend so much time photoshopping their pictures.  This society people describe you based on how many followers, viewer, or likes you get.  “I accept the title of today’s loser, but I plan to gain the skills to become tomorrow’s winner, and a lack of followers, filters, and hashtags won’t stop me from reaching my dreams.”  The way tomorrow’s winner makes me think she doesn’t give up on anything.  This reminds me of myself because I don’t give up until I win.  Technology was created to do research now it’s used to communicate and look at others’ lives.  I create conflicts and fights, but helps others to reunite with people who live far away.  I found it interesting because we shouldn’t care that much of social media.  Thank you for leaving us with the idea that if we work hard, we could be, “Tomorrow’s winner.”

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