Feedback: "Political Correctness"

February 17, 2017
By JayySeaa BRONZE, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
JayySeaa BRONZE, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
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In the article “Political Correctness” by Taylor G. from Ambler, PA, Taylor started talking about people who insult on others disadvantages or are discriminated against by others because of their race. The bold words on the page say, “Who determines what is offensive?” grabbed my attention I had to read what it was about. A really good example she used was law school on how teachers are teaching rape laws. Students started an argument that they shouldn’t teach it at all, it makes them very upset. The question I ask myself was why teach students something they don’t enjoy? She then compared it as like a surgeon operating a patient, but can’t use any blood. Then what’s the point of doing the surgery? This Political Correctness is just meaningless because it’s just saying that we can’t say anything we want.  Everything can be offensive. 


The author says, “What you said could be offensive to some people, but I respect your right to say it. Now, the mentality is  ‘Your speech offends me. I want it banned. “ This meaningful quote was stating that talking about other people’s race is very offensive towards them without any permission. A white person could be saying something about a black person behind there back, it’s not going to just that one person it’s going around all other black community. In my 7th grade english class the kids would to say a lot of mean things to each other for no reason. A majority of my class was white, but there was only one black girl named Ellie that was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and this group of about 5 white girls I sat with everyday in my english class would sit there talking bad about her behind her back and to me when they knew I didn’t agree with it all. I knew it was completely wrong to say such mean things about her only because she was black. What they were doing and saying was very racist and wrong, but they knew this and consisted on saying things like “She’s not the same color as  the rest of the us in this class are.’’ They’d all laugh in agreement except me because I completely knew it was wrong. Ellie and I weren’t close friends but I’d tell her something that they said about her day the day it happens. As the school year went on they kept on saying things everyday but it got to the point where they started saying the mean things to her face. Ellie hated it day after day it comes that she started to do something about it. She stood up and confronted all her feels about it, after that day all the blacks hanged out with her because she was right. The whites stopped and went somewhere elsewhere. Memoring that day I start to do something every time a person is mean to my friends, someone I may not know, and especially myself. This Political Correction needs to stop its not fair at all for some people, it’s a free country in America why can't we not follow rules that isn't right. What if the rules switched like the whites can’t do what the color did or boys can’t play what girls play. Still going to be the same but just the people would feel what the others felt.

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