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In the article “If Only…” by “Susan” Minneapolis something really stood out me that the author wrote. It was how her and her family struggled. No one’s life is perfect. It surprises me on how many people can hide being “ok” or looking and acting as if they’re happy. This is a perfect example of that. “Susan” had a grandma who was very strong and would get through things, through tough times. She had a family with mental illness. A son with depression and a granddaughter with anxiety. One day she committed suicide … Why is that ? It’s because of her pretending too much became harder for her. She couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t take the fact that things weren’t ok and how it was hard on her. All she wanted to do was to escape all the pressure that was put onto her. The title is very strong, “If Only…”, meaning if only should could’ve stopped her from doing what she did to elude her problems. The guilt “Susan” felt because she could’ve done something to stop her.


The article brings back a connection of mine on how “Susan” has a mental illness. It reminds me of how my mom has to take pills for her depression. Since my mom has colon cancer and wasn’t doing good she was always down and not herself.  My mom never gave up. She has been in this battle for 3-4 years and till today she’s doing good and is one of the most positive people in my life.

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