Feedback: Never Be Silent Again

February 16, 2017

“Never Be Silent Again” by “Julia” is a about a white boy who was sitting in the back of the bus but had a notepad with him. On this notepad was a picture of the teacher, but something was different. This drawing didn’t look like her at all. He drew his teacher as a cartoon monkey with a banana because she was black. The students have seen many other racist drawings that he made but they stayed silent. He cried that he wouldn’t draw them again. The teacher had found out that the white boy was drawing these pictures. When they got off the bus, the white boy was mumbling these words. “Everything I do is racist to these n***ers” pouted the white boy. His voice followed “Julia” everywhere she went. From this point on “Julia” will never be silent again because everyone is equal and she wants everyone to feel safe. I agree with the statement “The majority of the people on the bus were of color, and we felt safe together. We thought we respected each other” is very powerful and surprising. It is crazy how you can sit near people and not be respected because of your skin color. “Julia’s” article connected with my own life. I remember being in middle school when we would shut the lights off to watch a video, then someone would shout out “Where did “Max” go” because he was darkskin. Thank you, “Julia” for sharing this with me because racism is still going on in the world and it’s not right.

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