Feedback for a Troublemaker

February 16, 2017

After reading the “The Trouble of a Troublemaker” by Austin M., I really got shocked when the trouble maker dropped a water bottle on another student foot and the teacher sended him to the office.   And even locked himself in his locker because he wanted to know what it looked like.  He used to walk around the hallway singing like a cow.  “My worst year was one time I lay next to the door and scared anyone who came in.  Another time I made chair fortress and threw a paper at people while I hid behind it. I even locked myself  in my locker because I wanted to see how it look like.”  That’s a bad thing to do because there might not be anyone over there to open it for you.   I’d never lock myself in a locker.

I was a troublemaker and  i would always fight be bad to to people and threw paper, but I changed though.  It’s better now that I’ve changed.  I don’t fight anymore.  I’ve become friends with people and they like the way I act.  They think I’m funny.  After reading this article, I’ve learned that you should always do the right thing instead of becoming a bad person.

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