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February 10, 2017
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In “Today's Loser” by Camryn B., I was intrigued when I read the quote “Don't post the picture until 5 o’clock when everyone is on instagram. Maybe you should edit it too. Usually pictures with more likes are edited.” One thing I agreed with was that kid’s are always on social media. Also that kids edit pictures so that they get more likes.   I think kids should stop worrying about how many likes they get. It shouldn't matter who likes the picture or how many likes you get you should.  Love yourself for who you are. I'm not always on social media but when I am, I see photos of people and the pictures are edited or they have a filter on them.  I'm not saying filters aren't nice or they're wrong but just be yourself show everyone the real you. Instagram and Facebook are apps that teachers, students, and family all use they are not bad apps. They have there pros and cons they are easy to stay in touch with family or check in on them. Those apps sometimes cause problems for kids because they think they aren't popular just because no one likes their picture or video.

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