Feedback: "Kimya Dawson"

February 7, 2017
By Anonymous

The article “Kimya Dawson” written by Jennifer S. was very captivating to read about. The article was a nonfiction story about a girl who loved to listen to music buy Kimya Dawson. Music helped her get through rough times throughout life and made her realize things she never knew about. Her quote “...I began to give up on feeling anything at all and then suddenly Kimya Dawson brought me back to life” is very inspiring and makes me want to make music because there would be a chance that I can do the same to someone else. I also listen to music very often and believe music can help people a lot. Jennifer talks about how her mother did not approve of the music she was listening to but she listened to it anyway because it helped her. She imagined Kimya Dawson as someone she was very close to and related with.

I think that Jennifer S. is an incredible author and should do more writing. She is excellent at grabbing the reader's attention and keeping them interested. When I was reading her story I didn’t want to stop. Jennifer’s writing is very poetic and optimistic. I look forward to reading more of your work and happy I read your article “Kimya Dawson.”

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