A Teen Girl's Bedroom

February 10, 2017

A big round of applause for Adrienne D., for her article “A Teen Girl’s Bedroom.” The article describes a typical teenage girl’s bedroom, but in reality the girl does not feel comfortable in her skin and choices. The drawers are full of make-up such as mascara, concealer, eye shadow, and lip gloss “even though she hates the sticky feeling.” The bedroom as a whole is surrounded with objects that the girl never really wanted though she feels forced to. Adrienne writes, “she doesn’t think [PINK yoga pants are] comfortable, but she wears them in gym class so she matches the other girls.”

Thank you, Adrienne for illustrating to us how bedrooms should be a comfortable place for girls. Our bedrooms should be a place where we can express ourselves, not a place where we follow social norms. Society in some way is forcing girls to like certain things.

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