Feedback: "Love Equality"

February 6, 2017
By , Tyngsboro, MA

The essay “Love Equality” by Sophie Jarvis struck a chord with me.  When I read your article it made me think this young teen is telling all her feelings and being honest while others are judging her for being who she wants to be. They way people view each other is perceived in this essay. Sophie came out to her parents on what gender she likes and they already guessed but still were confused. Soon after this she changed herself because that's what she wanted to be viewed as she cut her hair and changed her style. She the went out in public and a lady started judging her saying “You're going to hell I can tell by your clothes and haircut.”  “You're a disgrace to god.”  Reading this, made me angry, confused, and sad at one time. Nobody should ever speak to somebody like this.  It's disrespectful and hurtful. My brother is gay so hearing people calling this young teen ignorant things for her being lesbian and liking the same sex is sad. I have many friends who are LGBT, and it’s sad how people treat them. I would always say ‘’why?’ because it's not right. Stop complaining because you are not them. People should just let others live and they will do the same to you. So, yes I disagree with what the lady said in the bathroom. The young teen says “People who believe we all must follow the rules of the bible.” The bible also states that you shouldn't do other sins and most Americans do. So saying that “Homosexuality is an abomination is a hypocritical.”  She is right: Christians still go against the Bible and they don't get judged, but homosexuality people should? NO! A quote by Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say how you feel because those who don't matter and those who do don't mind” this is a perfect quote you should believe. Never judge a person unless you have walked in there shoes.”

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