Feedback on Negative Two: Our Relationship in Arithmetic

February 2, 2017

"Negative Two: Our Relationship in Arithmetic" by Heather K. is a heartwrenching story about a couple that wasn't meant to be. They thought they were happy, but the author was avoiding her sadness. They fought desperately to make it work, but Knott found someone new. She eventually left her original partner for the person she accidentally fell in love with. The author worded this story beautifully and her sencerity was very clear. She obviously feels bad for leaving her previous significant other so abruptly.

The fact that Knott knows that sorry isn't enough for what she did shows a lot of character. She said, "I know sorry doesn't fix sleepless nights or that dull ache that sits in your chest. I know sorry doesn't remedy angry, hurtful words that must still sting." I've never been in love, but this piece gave me a better understanding as to what it really is. This story is sad to an extent, but at least we know the author found her happiness. Even though her previous partner might still be hurting, they will eventually move on. Overall, this is a phenomenal piece that changed my stance on love and the trial and error you have to go through to achieve happiness.

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