An Open Letter to Climate Change Deniers

February 2, 2017
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“An Open Letter to Climate Change Deniers” by Jamie M. is an informal letter to politicians about the negative effects that climate change will have on the country. Jamie describes the horrors that Americans are doing to the planet by CO2 emissions to contaminating water supplies. In addition, Jamie calls out the politicians’ “game.” Politicians claim that climate change is not real and supporters begin to believe the same way. However, they only say this to enhance their campaign and make money making deals with big oil companies.

This piece was  a strong eye-opener. The informal tone made it somewhat conversational which helped in understanding what the writer was trying to say. In addition, it was amusing as the author was firm yet sarcastic at times. I completely agree with Jamie’s argument that climate change is a serious issue, and that politicians lying to the public to get more support and money is wrong. Climate change is a real and serious issue, and we must act now or the future will hold irreversible consequences.

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