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Feedback on "Sun Sets"

February 2, 2017

The photograph “Sun Sets” by Isalah P. caught my eye as I was looking through the pages of Teen Ink. It is a photo of the sun setting and a tree seeming to have caught it in its branches. Though it is a view most people experience every evening, the angle of the photo makes it unique, allowing viewers to get a different sense of the landscape than if it were taken horizontally. The tree in the center seems to add to the calm and simplicity of the image rather than to obstruct the view. Even so, the colors grabbed my attention most of all. The entire piece seems to be composed of blue, green, yellow, or black, all beautifully merging to create the landscape. All of these components make “Sun Sets” a wonderful photograph, and places viewers in an interesting and new perspective of something they can experience every day.

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