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Feedback on The Caterpillar

December 3, 2016

        Maybe it is just another photograph. Maybe it’s not even that much – just somebody seeing something cool and wanting to capture that moment forever. Maybe it’s a memorable moment – or maybe it is one that will get lost in the tangle of memory and magazine files for eternity. Who knows? All I know is that I am looking at what I call a beautiful photograph of a thing not socially accepted as beautiful until someone goes out, finds it, and captures it on screen and paper. The photograph I am talking about is one titled “Caterpillar”, and taken by Mikaela Bell from Los Osos, CA.
        Photography fascinates me just as much as writing, so this one caught my eye. A caterpillar (whose species I did not bother to look up) is creeping across a wooden object – perhaps a fence. Green and striped body delicately arched, it appears to be preparing to take its next “step.” The photograph itself is well composed, with the caterpillar the central figure and nothing distracting the eye behind or around it. The background is blurred out, bringing the little creature into focus and creating a high quality image. I do not know the original intention of this photograph. Whatever is its meaning, it is, to me, not only a beautiful and striking picture, but also a little urge to pay closer attention to the little beautiful bits of life surrounding us.

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