I Shouldn't Have to Write This

November 18, 2016
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I found Justin S.s article,"I shouldn't have to write this'' extremely moving because he spilled his heart out and said that the world still has so much cruelty against African Amercians. Just because they have been freed, it doesn't feel like it. They are still getting treated horribly. Stepping outside,we worry about the little things that could go wrong. Like,would Ibe safe if i go outside? Would my parents get the call saying thier child is dead? If i was to bring my child in this world, would he or she survive? Nobody wants to live in a world when you have to think negative ad worry about things that you should'nt. We want to make a difference so everyone could enjoy thier lifes. Protesting so that the gornverment could see, care, and chaged things but we cant get to them. African American die everyday because of white police men being agressive. Noone should hae to live in intimidation. People could be innocent and still end up beaten to death. I speak for most people and say that living in an enviorment, you should be comfortable and not affriad to even sit outside your house. White people think we still live in discrimation. Guess what we don't! Learn to deal with the fact, that things are changing for the better. No matter how much lifes you take we are still going to fight for our rights. If it takes long, we are going to make a difference and you are going to have to accpet it. We are going to make this world a secure place to live in let'Sfight together becuase if we do, then we are unstopable, and they can't kill us all. 

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