I Shouldn't Have To Write This

November 18, 2016
By YellaYella BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
YellaYella BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Justin S. article, "I Shouldn't Have To Write This" I can relate because it's true that students should not have to express the frustratuion, they feel when opening up social media, and seeing nothing, but people worried about all the wrong things. It is not right to open up your facebook and have to see a black man or child being brutally beaten or shot by a police officer all because the color of their skin, or because they are assuming that they are a bad person. Justin quoted, "I Shouldn't Have To talk about how disgusted I was this summer when the top trending topic was #NationalKissingDay, even though within the same 48 hours four black men were killed by police officers." People are worried about all the wrong things. Thank you, Justin for writing this article it really did speak the truth.

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