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November 17, 2016

"Have you ever woken up with a poem
   inside of you?"

Well I know I have, so I was easily drawn in my this first sentence of "Poems at Two a.m." by Nim Wallace. The way Nim describes these specific poems makes them feel so unique and sets them apart from four p.m. poems. Nim describes the ache, the want, the urge, the need to write down these lines you come up with as you lie in bed and the readers feel the urgency. The author goes through all the senses, describing the taste and feel of these poems. "These kinds of poems are like conversations with an old friend..." This gives the reader an almost comforted feeling as we remember conversations with old friends and think about how they made us feel.

"They're always the most sincere, not rotted and spoiled with in-genuine strings of flowery phrases and neat descriptions, ruining the messy character of the poet's mind." I love this because my mind is such a mess and my thoughts go in all different directions. In our class, we work with a book called Room to Write, our teacher picks one of the exercises and we write about it. Then we are able to share our pieces, even though they're not being graded. Room to Write is when I feel comfortable just writing down the thoughts that come into my head and not judging myself for not sticking to one coherent idea. Nim shows that two a.m. poems are the ones that are unedited, raw, and symbols of pure imagination. I submitted one of my two a.m. poems to Teen Ink, it's one of my favorite pieces. I agree with Nim: "Two a.m. poems are the most beautiful kind."

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