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November 17, 2016
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“The Little Prince”, a review by Janice R., was an expertly crafted piece that changed my view of the animated Little Prince remake of the book by the same name.


When I first found out about the animated movie, I was doubtful, thinking that it would not live up to the story it is based off of, and ruin the story by being too childish for the deep undertones and meanings of the book.


However, Janice’s review successfully reversed my opinion, making sure to get across that the movie is for people of all ages, and does not tarnish the lesson the author of the book passed across to the readers. Adding on to my new optimistic outlook of the movie, Janice’s word choice and her description of the movie drew me in and convinced me that the movie was one of the best of 2016. In her review, Janice writes,“...the movie has stunning visuals that somehow manage to be incredibly simple yet hauntingly beautiful. Delicate as crepe paper, the animation fits the theme like no other method of movie-making could…” She described the movie in a way that made me restore faith in the animation.

Furthermore, Janice describes herself as a “longtime Little Prince devotee”, saying that she was pleasantly surprised by the new movie. This made my positive decision on the movie strengthen, based on the fact that I have read the book multiple times as well as watched a different version of the book played out on a screen. Since I have also been introduced to the book for a long time, the chance of the animation being a wonderful experience for me increase. To conclude, I am hopeful that my outlook of the animated version of The Little Prince will be similar to Janice’s, and think that she did a wonderful job of advertising the movie to those who have not seen it yet.

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