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November 17, 2016
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"When you pull your cube out of your bag, the first person who walks by it asks if you can solve it and to show them." In "Seeing the World in Cubes," Christian and Jay talk about the so-called impossible Rubik's cube. In thier conversation, I realized that there was more to the six-colored cube. 


I thought that solving a Rubik's cube could just be a hobby, but some people take it seriously. There are even contests involving speed, foot solving, blindfolded solving, and one-handed solving. Though I can solve the Rubik's cube myself in a minute, there are professional cubers who can solve the standard 3x3 cube in 10 seconds. The concept of the Rubik's cube fascinates me, with multiple varieties from 2x2 to 8x8 and Pyraminx to Megaminx. 


With complicated algorithms and shortcuts, learning how to solve the cube takes time. People who can solve the Rubik's cube see it as a passion, while others look it as impossible. What would it be like if everyone could solve the 27-piece cube? 

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