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November 17, 2016
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“I don’t sit around fantasizing about a character who must go on a quest. I don’t conjure up a magical world in which an epic journey takes place. I get up at 6a.m., shower, go to school, to classes, attend drama practice, do homework, eat something, and go to bed. I live in reality.” “Why I Am Not a Writer” by Madison G. touches on the reality of writing. Madison compares herself to writers throughout the piece, utilizing an element of repetition that emphasizes the text. She explains that she, as a college student, does not write for herself, unlike writers. She writes for good grades, and to make her family proud of her. She is usually the last person she has in mind when she writes.

Madison explains that even though it seems like writers write for others to enjoy their work, they actually have themselves in mind during the writing process. Her first line, “Writers should write for themselves”, introduces the entire point of her article. I, as a student, relate to Madison because I too write for my grades. Of course, there are times where I write poetry and short stories in my free time, but those are also written with the intent of pleasing others. The comparison of herself to a writer through repetition amplifies the differences between both students and professional writers.


In her article, Madison states, “Although I may write to entertain others, it’s really just to impress them. Writers like to know someone picked up their work and gave it the time of day. I like to know a teacher picked up my work and graded it in a timely manner...And writers like to know someone spent a buck or two. I like to know I have a buck or two.” This part shows how writing is not the same for all that do it. It is challenging for some and fine for others, usually based off of their limits and personal reasoning. Again, Madison and many other students write in order for their work to be checked and returned by a teacher, whereas writers write for the satisfaction (or, put simply: themselves). To conclude, “Why I Am Not a Writer” by Madison brings up some excellent points on the differences between writers, including their motives, backgrounds, and limitations.

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