A Journalist Is Born

November 17, 2016
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Oh boy, I thought as I read the title of the article. Another "inspiration to write" articles? Is someone's relative going to die, or some famous author coming to visit? Instead of what I had initially expected, I was surprised when I finished reading Katelynn Mcllwain's story "A Journalist Is Born." She talks about how the narrator, Luke, who is an exceptional writer. However, he is uninterested in writing in places like newspapers. When his apartment is burned down, he and his dad managed to make it out to safety. This causes him to write about what he has experienced in the newspaper.


Although my house hasn't burned down- yet- I can still relate to Luke. I am often reluctant to write for anyone other than a teacher, and it takes all my courage to share a piece. However, I eventually come across something, whether it be an event or a person, that makes me want to share my writing. Unfortunately, it is not often that this happens.


Katelynn did an excellent job at putting suspense and action in her piece. While at first glance, it seems like a cheesy story that contains nothing but fluff, it is the complete opposite. 

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