Feedback on Why I Am Not a Writer

November 13, 2016
By KarateJoe SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
KarateJoe SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
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While I was going through the College section of this month’s magazine, I honestly didn’t expect anything that interesting. Once I saw the article Why I Am Not a Writer, I was instantly impressed, since I am a young writer myself. Madison definitely was able to set a very relatable mood throughout this piece. Starting off with “Writers should write for themselves,” was a very clever idea.

The first part explains how Madison feels toward what writers think and feel compared to her life. I could totally see how instead of wanting to impress herself, she just wants a normal life. Madison then goes on to fantasize about what college she wants to go to. I am still not sure what the connection between writing and college would be in this situation. However, Madison is very honest with herself throughout the whole article, especially in the college section, which I enjoy a lot.

Madison wraps this up with a very intelligent remark. “There is no process. Just a mad dash to get it written in a satisfactory manner in the hopes it will come back to me with high marks.” While this may not seem so important, I can recall countless times as a writer that I may have not put much effort in some pieces. I will remember this remarkable comment every time I write from now on. I must thank Madison for questioning the way myself and others should write.

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