Letters from a Soldier

November 15, 2016
By leahclifford SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
leahclifford SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Letters from a Soldier” is a very heartwarming poem about the fear that accompanies the loved ones of soldiers that have gone off to war. It describes the feelings of the loved one, the constant anxiety, the incessant fear that their partner will not return from war. For instance, the author discusses the fear she feels when a letter doesn’t arrive. The poem reads, “But then the letters stop./ Panic sets in./ Your life starts to crumble away like sand.”

The deep meaning of this poem, paired with gorgeous phrasing and the equipment of similes such as “And you feel an emptiness/ Like the bottom of a black hole” ensures that this poem is one to bring a tear or two to your eye. “Letters from a Soldier” takes a topic many can relate to, and twists it into 32 lines of vivid, heartwarming prose.

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