Feedback on "Don't Breathe"

November 13, 2016
By disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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"Don't Breathe" is a phenomenal movie review by Cade Aguda. It has everything a good  review needs: a positive or negative stance, character descriptions, enough plot, cinematography description, etc. Aguda states her opinion firmly, making her stance obvious, which is essential. She talks about how the movie is realistic and how she was shocked with some of the choices the director of the movie made. The best part about this piece is the fact that she explained the cinematography very thoroughly. She shows its significance and how it's used in the movie throughout the duration of it.
Reading this review has motivated me to watch "Don't Breathe." I had originially heard bad things about the movie, but the sentence, "'Don't Breathe' certainly isn't afraid to jump-scare us but luckily it knows to use these in moderation." convinced me otherwise. I believe jump-scares are the most important part to a horror movie, or there's no point in watching it, at all. Based off of Aguda's piece, I am able to tell that I will enjoy this film more than most. It is one of the only scary movies that actually seems appealing to me without watching the trailer first, which means the author did a good job.

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