Feedback on "Deck the Malls"

November 12, 2016
By beckym10 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
beckym10 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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A humorous memoir by Anna Sparks, “Deck the Malls” had me wondering how my Black Friday shopping this year was going to go. We have all seen or heard about the chaos on this day with the dreaded tedious lines and crazy midnight fights. Of course I like the sales and cheap items you can buy, who doesn’t? But do I have the energy and patience to be there all night? No.
“It’s almost like that scene from ‘The Lion King’ when Mufasa is killed by the stampede, and I am Mufasa, being trampled by crazed wildebeests,” Anna explains brilliantly. For those who have not joined in on the Black Friday craze, this is the main reason not to. If we sprinkle in some cold temperatures, disappointing “Out of Stock” replies and, in Anna’s case, an energetic elder, I believe this isn’t the best situation to be in. Personally I would like to be sleeping peacefully in bed or stuffing my face with food so I applaud her for surviving this. If I get dragged into it this year, let’s hope I do too.

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