Sophomore Breaths

November 10, 2016
By jaslin.jun SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
jaslin.jun SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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"If the person in the mirror does not please you, turn it into a canvas." -Tablo

I really enjoyed reading Isabella's story, "Sophomore Breaths." It is not a particularly happy story, but I think it's a story everyone can relate to. Whether it focuses on current emotions, or something that you felt for just a day. Seeing it written in words made something stir within me. Isabella says she wrote it during a time where she was, "really overwhelmed and sad," overwhelmed with school and friendships. And I think everyone faces a time like that at one point or another. It takes alot to reflect on a dark time in your life. So I appreciate that she was able to speak of it and share her thoughts on paper.Thank you Isabella for sharing your story.

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