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November 11, 2016
By chantell.nicole BRONZE, Goshen, Indiana
chantell.nicole BRONZE, Goshen, Indiana
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When I began reading “How I Became a Monster,” I was intrigued but definitely did not expect to identify with the piece. “Deb” writes about her immigrant parents and their financial struggles. Her mother worked relentlessly to provide for the family, and Deb describes how she got so caught up in fighting for her own success that she neglected her family and forgot their strong love and commitment to her.

This article reminded me of my own parents. I am a senior in high school, and the future seems quite intimidating. College decisions are creating a lot of stress. One of the hardest challenges to deal with is that neither of my parents attended college. We are all out of our comfort zone. Recently I have been getting upset and frustrated with them because I feel like I am doing everything and not getting the support I need. This article reminded me that my parents are supporting me in other ways, and I tend to forget their unconditional love and instead resort to anger.

I was especially struck when Deb wrote about her dad crying. My father is very passionate about his family, and I have rarely seen him cry. His tears are always a wonderful reminder of his love for me. Deb, I know writing this piece was difficult and admitting your faults was hard, but thank you for sharing your heart!

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