Fear and Anger

October 20, 2016
By DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
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“Fear and Anger” by Hanna Clark captivated my attention with the title alone. With the two most emotionally triggering words it only urged me to right away discover the story behind them. She starts out with such a beautiful description of her mother, but then states “I was afraid that she was changing” and once they headed to visit her “she looked frighteningly different barely resembled.” This impacted my mind into raising multiple causes for such a drastic change in the mother’s appearance. The true reality of the cause was due to she “had been diagnosed with leukemia.” My heart dropped because I passionately agree with Hanna Clark to be “angry at cancer for excising…it wasn’t fair.” Cancer is a disease which no one deserves to get. Although Hanna Clark’s mother “overcame cancer gave her emotional and mental strength.” Likewise to all the people who overcome the cancer they are the most strongest and determined people. Thank you Hannah for having the courage to share your mother’s fight against cancer to inspire us to always strive even if an obstacle stands in our way.

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