September 19, 2016
By DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
DaisyGMB BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
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I wholeheartedly agree with Katelyn Mcllwain in her movie review for “Zootopoia”. How the movie is “more than just a heart-warming tale” because it applies three such contradicted subject matters into it like “society’s conflicted attitude toward the police…racial stereotyping…and there is no person or stereotype to say who you are.” After having watched this Disney film after multiple times it has engaged me to further my passion to become a police officer. Likewise to Judy who “wants to make the world a better place” I strive to achieve that in the same manner she did to ignore the insults of being stuck as “meter maid”. Mcllwain touches on how society justifies all police officers due to one officer’s horrible actions taken, but this movie allows people to see that a good and dedicated police officer exists. Not only in Zootopia like Officer Judy, but in our world who “maintain peace” in our communities. Thank you Mcllwain for touching on the true inner meaning of this wonderful Disney film.

The author's comments:

This movie article inspired me to write on it because i myself want to be a police officer one day and am now commencing to experience the insults from many. Like Judy it bothers me,but I know that i will be a great police officer and dont care what veryone says in "your going to kill somone,rip families apart, or be a races police officer" because I know I will not.

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