Sexism in Gaming

October 7, 2016
By , Phoenix, AZ

I don't agree with the author of the article "Sexism in Gaming".The author of this artcile is very biased based on gender and not thinking about the males side of the story. she says things such as, "Fe-male gamers have to prove their knowledge"(Kossovsky) and "While its own issue is that the gaming community doesn't realize its own demographic"(Kossovsky). The female having to prove their knowledge, I have never heard of a girl having to prove their knowledge this might just be the people she has been playing with but gender has nothing to do with how someone takes their knowledge. For the "issue" part the gaming community has nothing to do with what someone aspires to create. If the developer wants to make a game they are going to make a game they want to enjoy for themselves it has nothing to do with gender, it's souly based on the entertainment they desire to create.

                 Thank you for creating an article but I have to disagree with your opinions, Natasha K.

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