Kick Like a Girl

October 7, 2016
By karlavazquez BRONZE, Pheonix, Arizona
karlavazquez BRONZE, Pheonix, Arizona
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In the article," Kick LIke a Girl" by Sumona Gupta, she talks about a girl "Savanna" wanting to kick for a guy's football team. I agree with everything the author said in this article.Yeah it's a girl, but at least she's deticated. By girls going out there and folowing their desire, I feel like a lot of girls would be interested in playing "boy" sports. A quote I really enojyed from this article, was," I yell at her like i do at all the other guys." This states out that just because a girl is wanting to play for the team; she has to be treated different . I can relate to this article, because when i wanted to join the boys football team, everyone thought that i was going ton get hurt or that i was going to get treated different. I don't think i would've enjoyed playing for the team if it meant being treated differently from the guys. Thank you for your motivating article.

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