Waiting for the Bell

September 23, 2016
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In the writing titled “Waiting for the Bell” written by Soma C., I felt a similarity about how she fells waiting for the bell to ring compared to my feelings waiting for it to ring. I think this story was written very well. In a lot of this story she describes how she is thinking at that time, and when she is describing it she describes it very well. She made this story in a way so that people like me would relate to it. I thought it was funny how Soma describes her thoughts and feelings as the clock ticks on. She describes how she is urging to get out of the class as she looks up at the clock every 15 seconds hoping it would just go faster. I relate to that when it is either lunch, my favorite class, or the end of the school day. I am always watching the clock to see if it has moved from last time I looked.

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