Space Balls

September 23, 2016

Section #2 Pg#31

In the writing titled  “Space Balls” Written By  Katherine T., I felt Happy about “Space Balls” article Left me feeling happy

One way I can relate to this topic is that I love this movie and I always used to watch this movie. I am kind of surprised that they let someone put this in a magazine because it has the word balls in it but I don’t know if that is good or not. I think that this Katherine did really well on this topic because she pretty much explained all that needed to be explained and she just did real well with it. I don’t really have an argument with it because she got right on with the characters and whom they represented. But I really think she did good writing about it. I have always loved that movie and I always will its funny. I think it was real cool to see that in the magazine I actually didn’t really expect it.

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