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September 23, 2016
By TheFryGuy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
TheFryGuy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In the writing titled “Run” written by Rebecca H. I felt interested about “Run” because it left me feeling impress because it has a excellent story line and would be amazing if it was a book. I agree with the writing titled Run because it probably happened before. I can relate to this because I have read about this happening before. Yes, I understand what is going on because it is easy to follow. Some girl wakes up and hears a noise at the window. I was confused because it did not explain what happened before this.  After the “sticky note said RUN” was stuck on a window, there was blood on the window. I want to know what was going on outside that started that. She then runs to the garage and drives away. She then calls her mom and her mom asks. “Becky where are you?” The phone is then shot and the car flips. She unbuckles to get free and falls on some glass slightly impaling her self. I want to know how she impales herself from a small fall. The argument is strong and valid because it states everything the questions asked.

The author's comments:

I like how it was setup and how it flowed.

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