"A Stupid Mistake"

September 22, 2016
By cdishop14 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
cdishop14 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In the writing titled “A Stupid Mistake” written by Samantha H. I felt very interested and nervous. Her writing is about a girl who gets in a car with her drunk boyfriend and they get into an accident left me feeling happy for the girl. “A Stupid Mistake” is an interesting piece about a girl who asks her boyfriend to come pick her up in the middle of the night at a friend’s house. She didn’t know her boyfriend was drunk though. I feel like I do see the same issue in he world. I think to many people drink and drive. This article was written well and I loved it. I imagine the boy was arrested but the author should have said what happened to him. My favorite part was when she said “That night an idea sparked in my head: I want to be a police officer.” I was also pretty shocked her parents didn’t yell at her, all they said was “Your mother and I could have lost you tonight.”

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