Alice Through the Looking Glass

September 22, 2016
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In the writing titled “Alice Through the Looking Glass” written by Mia X., I felt upset while reading her writing about how the author talks about it being “awkward” and it left me unable to wrap my brain around some of the points the author made. I thought the article was very well written; however, there are some things that I disagree with. “She no longer gasps in awe when she sees a stunning garden or daunting castle.” This is true she no longer is surprised by the features and landmarks of Wonderland, but I feel that is not important. She’s already been there and when she came back she didn’t need to be introduced to Wonderland all over again, she was there to help the Mad Hatter find his family. “Time is a personal, understandably insolent and brave when needed.” I couldn’t agree with this more, the character Time was a very well portrayed character and the actor that played the role did a very good job. This article also talks about the “hall with pocket watches hanging,” which in my opinion was a very clever way to portray when your time is up. I don’t agree with the writer when the talk about the Mad Hatter and Alice’s friendship. They wrote about how they thought the Hatter got “friend-zoned” by Alice but in my opinion that was important. I think the Mad Hatter and Alice trusted each other and that is why Alice risked her life to save the Hatter’s family and his sanity. “They both seemed very at peace with saying goodbye.” In my opinion they did that for one of two reasons. One possible reason is that they knew they would see each other again, the other possible reason may be that Alice knew the Mad Hatter would be okay because he got his family back and losing them is what made him “Mad” in the first place.

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