Failure: My Greatest Success

September 22, 2016
By kdales SILVER, Defiance , Ohio
kdales SILVER, Defiance , Ohio
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James H.'s inspirational story, “Failure: My Greatest Success” was motivating and eye opening. I can relate to his story in so many ways. For example, just because you don’t succeed at one thing does not mean you can’t succeed in another. Basketball is my weakest sport. I have struggled over the years getting the fundamentals down. I had the same drive as James “I am not going to fail again. I am done with failing” So I started to work even harder.


Unfortunately, I was still struggling. So I decided to try a different sport. I went home one night surfing through the TV channels. I came across a softball game. I decided to watch it and as I continued to watch it the more I feel in love with the sport. I had an epiphany to play softball. The next day after school I went out to the softball field and started to hit some softballs. The first pitch I hit it into the outfield.  Ever since then I have been working hared then I ever had. Currently, I am on the varsity softball team at my school as a freshman. So in other words I agree with James that just because you fail at one thing dose not mean you fail at another thing.

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