Why Trump Will be President

September 22, 2016
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In the writing titled “Why Trump Will be President” written by Ryan O., I felt pleased about Trump doing great in the campaign. My reaction to this selection is pleasing and satisfying to me because I am glad that other people are thinking the same thing about Trump winning this upcoming election in a couple of months. I do understand this selection because they are saying how good Trump is doing and that he will our next president. I am not surprised because I get all this information from my parents and I also watch the news to find out. I don’t really see this issue in my life since I cant vote but in my town because Defiance is a middle class town and Trump will help all middle class workers. This issue is not very big in my school since only some of the seniors can vote but all the teachers can vote. I like how the writer said “Trump has the media 24/7” because it is true because not an hour goes by without Trump being mentioned on social media. The writer also said, “He was popular before the campaign.” I also believe that is true because he was a billionaire before the campaign and has may company’s so he is well known throughout America.

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