Making Good Decisions

September 22, 2016
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Summer 2016

In the writing titled “A Stupid Mistake” written by Samantha H., I felt a nice comforting feeling. Her writing about making good decisions left me feeling good about myself and concerned for others.

“It’s crazy how one hour one minute or even one second can change your life.” This is the first sentence of the article, and it immediately caught my eye. I continued reading because I am at a stage in my life where decisions are very important.  I have always promised myself that I will never do drugs or drink alcohol to stay safe, but I have never really put others decisions into consideration. This article made me scared because I cannot control other people’s decisions, but one thing I can do is chose which people I want to hang out with and do things with.  I can surround myself with people that I know wont put me in terrible situations and get me in trouble. “ I don’t want anyone to feel as scared as I was that night,” these are her words and I don’t want to fell the way she did. I am going to make good friendships and relationships that are right and trustful.

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