September 22, 2016
By studs BRONZE, Continental, Ohio
studs BRONZE, Continental, Ohio
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In the writing titled “19,000,000,000,000” written by Sabrina Fuller I felt sick to my stomach. Her about national debt left me feeling wanting to act.I agree with her about “foreign debts need to be paid off,and just worry about ourselves. She said, “Nothing is said about the monster creeping up on us, “and this is mostly true. One candidate has a plan, and that's to run it like his business. Now I know what you're thinking Donald trump went bankrupt,but if you look he has 515 businesses and only 11 of them went bankrupt that's an 98.64% success rate. So Donald J. Trump will be great economics wise. Overall I was very agreeing about our problem with growing national debt, and I think we need to do something about it.


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