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September 20, 2016
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Beware spoilers for the below entry.


“Sleepwalker,” by Tina G., is an interesting take on ideal’s, in which the future is a utopian paradise. There, people live harmoniously, away from all the problems that divide us today. Hers is a world of light, where people are free to be themselves. The heroine looks to compare her world with this new one, in conflict with nostalgia or her betterment.To her, these problems no longer concern her. She looks to the past and decides to walk away from it.


Unfortunately, I find this outlook does not align with my own. The main character escaped her world, to find this perfection, in her view. She freed herself of the present, a place where people are supposed to stay. Instead of facing the problems found in her reality, she goes somewhere else for the aftermath. No one likes being in pain, physical and mental. Yet, we must live through it, to heal. What good does this perfection do for her? She now has a place to hide, from her old life, and old problems.

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