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"Fifty Days in Alice" Review This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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In the writing titled “Fifty Days with Alice” written by Kelly W., I felt more informed about the victims thoughts and struggles of body image issues form her writing about living and dealing with physical and mental health issues. In health class we are learning about body health issues and anorexia was one of the main topics.  This article is coming from a girl just like us with anorexia and it shows us her perspective and feelings towards not only the disease but also what it was like getting help and overcoming it. Kelly said in the article “I have hope that one day things will get better and that I will one day be okay.” I feel like so many girls can relate to Kelly, the author of this article, not just because of the disease, but feeling pressured about their body image due to todays society and the mold they have made for young ladies and women all across the world. It’s all about looks; who has the skinniest waist or the prettiest face. Kelly told us about her meeting new girls in the ward she was put in for anorexics and other similar diseases. Kelly had friends in “Alice” she said they were some of the sweetest girls in the world, she also told us that their were good staff there. One of the nurses Kelly told us about was a bold lady and one night Kelly was caught self-harming. The nurse came in and Kelly told her she wanted to die, the nurse replied with “we aren’t going to let you die. You’re worth too much.” I feel that it wasn’t all the treatments that helped Kelly, but it was also the people she was around because they understood what she was going through.

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