Why Trump Will Be President

September 22, 2016

In the writing titled “Why Trump should be President” written by Ryan O. I felt apprehensive at first because I really didn’t want Trump to win, but after reading about how well he actually is doing I felt surprised and interested.

I agree with the article “Why Trump will be president” because it’s obvious most people want him to win more than anyone else. I think part of that is because he’s constantly in the media. He isn’t afraid to speak in front of people and say what he really feels. He doesn’t change his opinion just because other people don’t agree with him and that’s what people look for in a president. People want someone who sticks to what they say and doesn’t back down. People don’t like him because he says what everyone’s thinking, but is too afraid to say and sometimes those things aren’t the nicest so people get upset, but that’s also why so many people like him and want him to be president. I think he’s the most qualified to be president.

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