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Why Trump Should Be President

I strongly agree with this article. I agree because there are just too many facts that show Trump is the best candidate for president. Trump beat out Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, the two other most likely candidates for the republican nomination. I agree with this article when it said, “Trump, has the media 24/7.” That is how Trump will get the young votes. Donald Trump also knows finances; he became rich off his stunning ability with money. I believe he will do the same for this country. Donald Trump has many strong positions on political issues such as radicle Islam, BLM, Immigration and LGBT. I don’t think we need passive position on any of these subjects. I don’t want to get into detail about any of these subjects, but for the most part, I agree with his stance on these issues. Finally, I agree with this article when it said, “Trump has paved his way to victory in November.”

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