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September 22, 2016

I was interested in the article “A Stupid Mistake” written by Samantha H. It is in the summer 2016 Teen Ink Magazine.  In this article I felt very interested in reading this article because it was so shocking. In the beginning of this article you would have never thought what was going to happen.  It’s sad how everything ended.  The issues of drunk driving are way to common now a days and it needs to stop. I think it is written well. The author could add a few more details so you knew a little more about the concept. She should have written a little more. She should of explained a little more after the crash. She didn’t really explain it, she just wrote “ You an idiot.” She was explaining the anger of the girl in the wreck ,but she didn’t really explain how the boy felt. If she would of explained it more the article would get a lot more interesting, even more then it is now. The arguments in this article were very valid. I understand why she would be mad that she trusted him to take her home safely, but he didn’t he was drunk and not himself. You should never get in a car with somebody that says, “Sorry I’m hammered.” Keep yourself and others safe!

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