"Imperfection, Take Me Back" Thoughts

September 22, 2016
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In the writing titled “Imperfection, Take Me Back” written by Blaine L., I felt understanding. His writing about a person’s mistakes and sorrows left me feeling regretful. I felt regretful because after reading the passage, I realized how important the message was that the writer was trying to send out, and I regret not taking advantage of every second that my loved ones are alive.

I can really connect with this passage because it points out things that no one really wants to think about until it’s too late. Like the part where it says “And then I remember that people don’t stay around forever.” Nobody wants to think about death, especially not when it is a loved one, so they don’t. They stall and waste precious time until that time runs out. Another thing that I read and agree with is when it said, “I fell and cried, not because it hurt, but because I felt awful for messing up.” Not one person actually likes to admit that they messed up or were wrong, and when they make a mistake, they blame it on other people. This passage really makes you stop and think about what people do without even thinking about it.

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